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What is Lunch.Co?

Lunch.Co is a marketplace app exclusive for your workplace where colleagues can buy and sell their home-cooked meals to each other. 

Discover new flavours and meals, evolve your cooking, connect with your colleagues and eat better while doing good and wasting less. This is what transforming lunch at work looks like. 

This is how it works

Cook and post, or order and enjoy. It's easy!

Check out the video.

Transform the lunch experience at your workplace

Request Early Access and get the chance to be selected among the first to get Lunch.Co in the workplace. We will send a FREE starter kit to help you get started at your workplace. 

Are you tired of your current lunch options at work?

Many that bring food eat the same thing over and over, others rush out, stand in line, eat fast then are left with a bitter feeling of having spent too much. 


Discover new dishes and tastes you couldn't imagine by unlocking the potential of your colleagues. 

Do good and waste less

You can make a difference, and together we can make an impact. Learn more how you can pull your straw to the stack and reduced food waste in the home and our 1-for-1 meal donation program. 

Get Cooking, Good Looking! 

Do you have a signature dish or perhaps you have already cooked more than you could eat?  


Get started at your workplace to cook, post and earn on your extra lunches and save for that special thing - it's fun and it allows you to do good and waste less. 

Workplace culture, diversity and inclusion

Lunch.Co creates natural ways to meet and engage across teams and levels within the company or at the co-working space. 

Set up a Lunch.Co community for your employees or members.   

I eat from Lunch.Co every lunch I can. It's a no brainer! The food is better, more value for money and super convenient

Nick,  Start-up CEO and hungry at lunch time

Some of our users are enjoying Lunch.Co at .... 

... your company? 

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