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Lunch in the new normal

Why unleash Lunch.Co in your office?

Because it's fun and it's smart!
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Reconnect with your colleagues

as people start getting back. Food connects people, build trust and teams that eat together perform much better. Get started with Lunch.Co and strengthen your culture, over food! 


Do good and waste less

by converting your extra food into wonderful lunches long before it becomes food waste. 74% of all food waste comes from our homes, together we can make a difference! 


Earn and save money

Help your employees spend their hard earned money on things they really need or want, especially now  

How it works


Event Special - 6 months Free Access 

We are happy to welcome all our friends attending Summit & Friends - Back to the Office with a 6 months free access to introduce Lunch.Co at your workplace.


Fill out the form below to claim the 6 months Free Access and we'll help you get started. 

Meet our Founders at Summit & Friends

Sept 9th at 12:40 -13:20 Panel Talk: 

The new normals of the people centered workplaces by Chris Fung, Co-Founder of Lunch.CoDavid Brudö the Co-Founder of Remente and Henrik Järleskog Regional Director Nordics – Director of Strategy & Director of Marketing of Sodexo

If you want to get in touch with Chris, email him at


Sept 10th at 15:10 -15:50 Panel Talk: 

Workplace Revisited – rethinking the post COVID “workplace” by Yvonne Sorensen Björud, CEO of United Spaces, Jeanna Lundberg CEO of Respaces and Aleksey Nikulin Co-Founder of Lunch.Co

If you want to get in touch with Aleksey, email him at

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