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Get cooking, good looking

Why cook on Lunch.Co?

- Because it's fun and it's smart!
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Introduce the joy of food at work

and share your passion with other colleagues, develop your skills, and explore new tastes and dishes


Do good and waste less

by converting your extra food into wonderful lunches long before it becomes food waste. Also for every meal transacted, we donate a meal to people in need


Earn and save money

and treat yourself with something you deserve, while making colleagues happy and not spending it on expensive lunches

How to cook and sell


Request early access


Start a group

If you want to create one of the first groups at your workplace, request early access HERE, and we'll send a free starter kit and access to the app

Talk with your colleagues who you think will be especially interested to join and be the core group of creating the movement


Invite all your colleagues and get cooking! 

The more the merrier with more people eating, cooking and variety of food

When Lunch.Co is at your workplace

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Start with something you are comfortable with and do a little extra. Here are recipes that can inspire you. 

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You'll get boxes in your start kit that you can use to pack like a pro. 

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Post and Bring to work

Take some nice pics and set quantity, price and location. Bring the packages to work and put them in the fridge. 

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