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Workplace culture, 

diversity and inclusion

Why have Lunch.Co at my workplace?

- Because it's fun and it's smart!

Improve culture and teamwork

through making it easy for the employees collaborate around food in an inclusive way. It's supported by research as one of the most efficient ways to create trust and enhance teamwork.


Create natural meetings

between colleagues across departments and levels by making it simple for employees to buy and sell homemade lunches to each other across the workplace

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Unleash the joy of food at work

Food is one of our biggest hobbies and an important part to enjoy and connect through something that people care about.

Request Early Access

How to introduce Lunch.Co at your workplace

If you want to create one of the first workplaces at your workplace, request early access HERE, and we'll send a free starter kit and access to the app


Request early access

Talk with your colleagues who you think will be especially interested to join and be the core group of creating the movement


Start a group

We'll send you a start pack and help you get the entire organisation going 


Onboard the company

Request Early Access
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