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Super Health Food

Unleash the potential for unmatched choice

Why eat on Lunch.Co?

- Because it's fun and it's smart!
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Discover new authentic dishes and tastes

through unleashing the knowledge, cultures and passion that already exists among your colleagues and get unmatched choice of new exiting dishes to try. 

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Eat real food, home made from scratch

Food cooked at home is in general healthier and has more natural ingredients

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Get to know your colleagues in a new way 

through giving and getting appreciation for the food, and find common interests while connecting over different departments

How to buy and enjoy 



Request early access

Start a group

If you want to create one of the first groups at your workplace, request early access HERE, and we'll send a free starter kit and access to the app

Talk with your colleagues who you think will be especially interested to join and be the core group of creating the movement


Invite all your colleagues and get cooking and eating! 

The more the merrier with more people eating, cooking and variety of food

When Lunch.Co is at your workplace

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1. Choose and pay

Explore your colleagues' dishes and choose something you like and pay with one click 

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2. Pick up

Pick it up in the fridge

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3. Enjoy and Review

Enjoy your lunch and remember that hearing that someone like your food means alot!

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