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Get Lunching in your office!

Lunching alone is not so much fun, so get your colleagues onboard to unleash the passion, creativity and knowledge that exists among us all.

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1. Create a core gang with your colleagues who really want this

Who is good at cooking? Who is not afraid of trying new things?  


2. Invite the rest of the office to join

The more, the merrier! We have email templates here and download a one pager you can put in the kitchen here

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3. Sign in to the app and get the boxes to get going

Let everyone know where the boxes are. If you are a smaller group one option is to choose a day or to per week that is Lunch.Co-day


4. Get Lunching!

Choose a day when you start and let everyone know. Cook, eat, and enjoy the magic.

Download the seller handbook for more tips and tricks

Download Seller Handbook

You can also find more information on these links:

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