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Cook 1 Give 1

Did you know that the number of people living in extreme poverty has almost halved in the past 20 years? That is right: there is hope. 


If we keep up like this, we can beat extreme poverty in a decade. And if we do so, we also pave the way to a higher level of human potential, healthy families and a more sustainable lifestyle - for everyone. 


But there is still a lot to do, especially in Sub-Saharan countries, such as Madagascar, where 92% of the population lives on less than 1,9 USD per day. Madagascar is also close to Co-founder Aleksey's heart as he has spent a lot of time there and has for a long time wanted to contribute in some form. 


So, we decided to act by inviting the people of Madagascar and Lunch.Co’s users to the same lunch table. Every meal traded on generates a meal in Madagascar, so that we can all enjoy a filling lunch together. 


You cook one, you give one!

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