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A marketplace platform where colleagues can buy and sell home cooked lunches at work

Do you want Lunch.Co at your workplace?

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Get lunching!

With Lunch.Co employers create a healthier work lunch culture by making it simple for employees to buy and sell homemade lunches. The meals created by the employees themselves—can be bought and sold within a closed community to which the employer controls access. It creates natural ways to meet and engage over departments and levels in the company. 


If you are a company or organisation interested in setting up a Lunch.Co community for your employees or members, please contact us to learn more.

1. Unleash your passion for cooking and earn extra

2. Eat better and more convenient lunches

3. Improve the culture at work

How it works


Cook. Post. Earn.


Order. Save. Eat.


Meet. Connect.

Do Good. 

What People Say

I eat from Lunch.Co every lunch I can. It's a no brainer! The food is better, more value for money and super convenient

Nick,  Start-up CEO and hungry at lunch time

Some of our users are enjoying Lunch.Co at 

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Do you want Lunch.Co at your workplace? 

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